Have something good with us,

in our restaurant with home cooking, where we will cook regional specialties and our own delicacies, which are inspired by old local recipes.


Soup is a grunt, no question about it, that's why it must not be missing with us. Whether it's cabbage soup, bean soup or broth, all soups are served with a slice of bread, as is proper and proper in Wallachia;

For those who don't like to try new dishes and rely on tried-and-tested classics, we have good old classics like Grilled Ribs or Slow Roasted Pork Knuckle. We can certainly recommend our time-tested Masaryk's Goulash. We understand that sometimes you might like something fried, so you'll find several options on our menu. If you are a fan of sweet dishes, you definitely have to try Grandma Marta's homemade blueberry dumplings with cinnamon, sugar and butter. If you're not used to big sweet dishes, it's okay, we'll make you a Blueberry Dumpling for dessert.

Nothing else to do but wish you a good taste!