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After a busy day , we recommend the use of our saunas. It 's always been proven that the sauna has a beneficial effect on the human body . Whether for sports performance, to increase immunity or just to warm the body and mind , we recommend use of our two saunas, a Finnish sauna and infrared sauna.

Finnish sauna

the sauna relax tired muscles and soothe the stressed brain , the blood because the body flushes bringing relief substances such as endorphins . There is no recommended time , after which you bask . The golden rule applies here as long as you like it , yet it is necessary to pay attention to the burning sensation of the nose and face skin and an increased feeling hot . Typically, it takes about 15 minutes depending on the temperature of the air in the sauna


Infrared works by emitting infrared rays.

Long wave infrared radiation penetrates straight to the body tissues. It gets down to a depth of more than 4 cm . Everything will quite naturally - the muscles relax and soothe the body is not burdened . Infrared energy is set so as to cope with the most energy emitted by the human body . Producing a sweat in infrasaunách is up to three times higher - at ambient temperature has been about 45 to 60 ° C.

Infrared is also suitable for people with heart disease.

When you can warm up in the sauna a cool shower or use our unique cold zones , which plays all the colors of the rainbow.

K saunovacímy rest between each cycle, you can use a restroom , where you can bring a book from our library . To deepen the experience we offer a wide selection of relaxing music . During the sauna must not forget the very important drinks, so take advantage of our service from the bar . We will discreetly serve .

Of course there is a loan of sauna sheets and towels .

Children under 15 years only if accompanied by an adult.

The sauna is not recommended for pregnant women and people wi th heart disease (Finnish sauna). Skin diseases , it is necessary to consult a doctor. Definitely not suitable with such a disease to go to a public sauna . Do not go by the sauna or a person with a fever.

Price list sauna
Finská sauna 150 Kč hod / osoba
Finská sauna 3 a více osob 100 Kč hod / osoba
Infra kabina 100 Kč hod / osoba
Obě sauny - uzavřená společnost 600 Kč hod

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Our cottage are located in Beskydy, on the border between Czech and Slovak Republic, approximately 1.5 km away from the intersection to Bumbálce.