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When raining

Cottage is 900 meters above sea level, and it may be that the current weather is bad trips and other outdoor activities. Or in the winter is out so harsh that it is better to leave your skis in the storage room .

Opportunity to spend a nice time for foul weather? We do!

You can use the children's corner for your babies equipped with appropriate toys with breathtaking views in an inconspicuous babysitter in peace to read your favorite book or a book from our library. The library is in the banquet ground floor and is equipped with various titles dedicated to our donors and more with the Library section .

Furthermore, in the banquet can be found not only fully equipped bar , but also a table tennis table with bats and balls decade . You can play ping pong in two , four , or a whole bunch of popular carousel . In the game you can choose a book in the library next to the table for the quieter part of the day . Also you can play darts, we will prepare and organize a tournament competition day for the whole group .

Also you can just sit around the table and play any of the table games whether it be traditional Ludo ! , or other board games that torment your brain such as Czech , Europe . At the table, you can also play cards , we have prepared several kinds of playing cards.

for a relaxing time spent , we recommend to watch some of the films for children and adults from our menu , or just on your selected TV program.

If you decide to do something for your health , you can use our our family sauna ( click on the section describing the sauna ) , classical , or infra . For all-day activity are encouraged to try to brew your own beer .


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When raining

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Location Masaryk cottage

Our cottage are located in Beskydy, on the border between Czech and Slovak Republic, approximately 1.5 km away from the intersection to Bumbálce.