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It's about finding the GPS coordinates of a hidden mailbox - the so-called cache .

mailbox is usually pad, where he writes the concerned finder , or there are also small items that the fans of geocaching mutually exchanged .

Have you tried geocaching?

  • in the world are over two million active " caches " and more than five million players .
  • first anything beginning geocacher must do is to register on the site .
  • This is the official website of the game , which in recent years flooded the world .
  • Who
  • it fails , it must be planned based on a family vacation . Strange ? Just as long as you do not try .
  • only equipment that initially geocacher needs is a GPS navigation or smart phone.
  • In some cases, however, simply map with plotted coordinates.
"When is a good signal , navigation brings you almost to the mailbox. looking in the woods but should be within a few meters. "

Looking for something , anything that may be the treasure box ?

  • metal boxes , bird boxes , balusters , but i stumps, pile of rocks .
  • Maybe you can find a plastic box in which the pencil, pad, to which the finder writes , with registration card boxes and a small toy .
  • Here you can leave as a finder , but you must replace it with another for the discoverer .

Beware of Muggles !

  • word borrowed from books about the magician Harry Potter refers to those who do not play geocaching .
  • Mailboxes fact must remain secret . I complicates obtaining the treasure. None of the real hunters mailbox is endangered.
  • happens that it will find vandals who rob or destroy it , although not receive anything of value .

Each box has a manager , who regularly checked . In addition, all geocachers are still linking , is constantly returning to the site. So about damaged keších say .

Simply we can say that we take the coordinates and sets out to find a treasure. Once you find it, return to the Internet and can know about it.
For finding treasures and earn points . Clipboard is either one or several of them form a comprehensive way .
Then it combines a story or link to sites that are related.
Is frequently also one key to another and the player will not move from the spot until you can solve the puzzle.

near Masaryk 's cottage has a couple of hidden caches .

Location keškama around the cottage.
the cache called the Beskids

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Location Masaryk cottage

Our cottage are located in Beskydy, on the border between Czech and Slovak Republic, approximately 1.5 km away from the intersection to Bumbálce.