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Path of wood and steel

Beskydy always provide the raw materials for steel production and economic activity , also people from the mountains have always been active as nature Beskydy could be used sparingly . In the days of the industrial revolution Beskydy become an important source of timber , water and labor for factories and factories along the river Ostravice ( Hamra, Frýdlant , Frýdek , Sviadnov , Paskov , Ostrava ) .

Path Beskydské wood had different stages of development and intensity. First, the plants were built directly at the source , just as the Old Hamrech , expanding factories were built in Frydlant nad Ostravicí (eg Ferum , who is also a producer of plaque Masaryk cottage , which you can see in our restaurant ) .

< p> Therefore, the route built unique technical equipment for wood transport , water. Some of these devices already exist and are mentioned only in the expositions of museums in our region. Other , or their remains can still be observed in the country .

That's why we prepare actions that you approach these places and maybe even learn a little more about the history of industrial production.

( wood narrow-gauge railway , which led to almost the chat , the water tank to increase the navigability of rivers , railway track in White Chances dam , watercourse channels mountain streams , and other attractions )

Path wood and steel is a project just to detect these attractions around streams creeks and streams , tributaries and rivers around Ostravice Ostravice to its end at the confluence of the Oder at Landek .

the first of these events is Masarykův march to the 90th anniversary of the visit of TG Masaryk in Ostrava and in the Beskids , and the 90th anniversary of Masaryk cottage on BESKYD Club of Czech tourists in 1924 ...

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Location Masaryk cottage

Our cottage are located in Beskydy, on the border between Czech and Slovak Republic, approximately 1.5 km away from the intersection to Bumbálce.